Happy Birthday to America!

Happy 4th of July!
I haven't spent this day in the US for years, but I finally get to spend it in one of the biggest celebrating cities, Boston! I just wanted to do a quick outfit of the day post. As you can see, I'm not going all out with my red, white, and blue (and I threw in some animal print), but my outfit is still themed! Hope everyone has fun today :)

Thrifted Finds

There’s something about spending hours scavenging through piles of old, used clothing that is strangely calming and satisfying. Just kidding. But also, not. For those who don’t know, I love thrift stores; truly, my personal mecca for so many reasons. It’s sad that thrift stores still have such a strong negative connotation of being these dark, dingy, germ-infested places, when in reality, they’re not. Alright, I’m not gonna lie. Some places are pretty gross and make me want to douse myself in disinfectant spray for maybe eternity. But, the majority of the ones I’ve been to are totally fine and are actually the source of a large sum of my favorite clothing pieces. So, (although it’s not much) I thought I’d share some of the goods I picked up this Summer.



Essentials: Christine @ Summer School
To start off, I sincerely apologize for the poor photo quality. My dorm room has terrible lighting and the floor is too ugly so I had to place my items on my gray blanket. As a beginner blogger, I know I shouldn't do this but these are my circumstances and now is the time I can perhaps get away with poor photography!

Anyways, being at summer school away from home means minimalism! The stuff I have here is only a small portion of my belongings, so I labeled this essentials post with "summer school"! Going from left to right:

- Herschel 13" laptop case to carry and protect my Macbook
- pens and notecards for studying organic chemistry
- DKNY watch to check meal times and how much time is left in class
- matte black shades from Avalon Exchange to protect my eyes from the blazing 'merican sun
- Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy Mist to instantly cool my face anywhere everywhere
- prescribed eyedrops for my dry eyes
- Mag n Mag distressed denim shorts for summer of course
- XZION Slimmy Power 5000 portable charger for my phone that dies way too quickly everyday
- Tory Burch case for my iPhone 4s so I don't shatter the screen
- Balenciaga pouch for beauty products and emergency meds
- Tory Burch card case to carry just a few cards around campus
- UrbanEars headphones to cancel out obnoxious people in the library and listen to music
- free summer school water bottle for hydration
- super comfy Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtips for my feet that have to walk around all day!

Essentials: Deborah @ Home Sweet Home
Just some bits I use on the day to day:

-Vintage Coach backpack: ‘Twas passed down from the mama. Holds little functional use but
 it’s cute & compact, and dats enough fo me.
-Standard grey beanie from Urban Outfitters: Makes the most boring outfits look somewhat 
unique & perfect for bad hair days!
-Holga 120FN camera: I’m still getting accustomed to using film but I must say, this baby takes some dreaaaaaamy photos.
-Grandma glasses that make me look like the pre-mature grandma that I am
-Rosebud Perfume Co.'s Rosebud Salve
-Philosophy's Living Grace perfume: Probably the only perfume I’ve smelled that comes closest to 
the smell of laundry detergent. So fresh, so clean.  
-Kindle Fire used to read magazines and sappy love stories like The Notebook.
-Black Urbanears headphones: I can’t say much about the quality of the sound since I have neither 
enough interest nor knowledge in this area. However, these headphones do have a sound-sharing 
feature that allows another person to plug in their headphones into yours. Good for listening 
to music/watching a movie in noisy places with a buddy!
-Black/Grey "slime" iPhone case
-Urban Decay's Naked Flushed Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter palette: Another cult product
 from Urban Decay thatI’ve gotten myself sucked into. Whatever, it’s pretty.
-Red Nike Free TR Fit 3's: Anyone who knows me at all knows that when it comes to exercise, 
my philosophy is just to exert enough movement to avoid obesity (AKA do nothing). 
But lately, by some miracle, I’ve found the motivation to get on the treadmill 
every day thanks to these beauties.
-Quilted faux leather backpack custom decorated with pins courtesy of KWUR & IRS


Mr. Bartley's

So, here I am in Boston finally! Cambridge, actually. Taking organic chemistry (ew, I know). Yesterday marked my completion (or more like survival) of the first week, so my friends and I decided to celebrate this day by eating out instead of eating at the dining hall, which has pretty much the same mediocre food choices everyday. As a foodie, I was the most excited out of my friends to try out the famous burger place in Harvard Square- Mr. Bartley's. And I was not disappointed. The strawberry oreo frappe and my "Gabriel Gomez" burger were delicious, but there were two downsides. TOO MUCH FOOD. Too much food? Sounds strange, huh? Especially coming from me. But really, the burgers didn't look that big when they came out, but trust me, they felt endless once I started eating. In the end, my friends and I regretted not splitting one for every two people, because none of us were able to finish our burgers and fries. The second downside was the price. For a group of five, our bill came out to be a total of $100, including tip. Again, it would have been much, much more reasonable if we had split our orders. But oh well, this was our first time and now we know what to do the next time we go!


Summer Sounds

Just a little snippet of the soundtrack to my summer. Apologies for my scattered taste in music. Enjoy!